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Aquaflow Adjustable Irrigation Drippers Sprinklers with 4 Different Watering Modes

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Satisfaction Guaranteed

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14 Day Returns

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Free Shipping Worldwide

Aquaflow Adjustable Irrigation Drippers Sprinklers with 4 Different Watering Modes

Unleash the Power of Precise Plant Irrigation!

Say goodbye to uneven watering and hello to lush, thriving plants with our 30PCS or 100PCS drip irrigation pipe heads, designed to give your plants the perfect amount of water for optimal growth and health!

These heads are perfectly suitable for use with normal water hoses, ensuring easy integration into your existing setup.

Effortlessly Tailor Water Flow to Your Garden's Needs!

Whether you have a greenhouse, vegetable field, or potted plants, our drip irrigation pipe heads ensure every plant gets the water it needs, saving water and promoting healthy growth.

Master Your Gardening with Advanced Irrigation Technology!

Imagine achieving the perfect garden effortlessly. With four distinct watering modes—dripping, weak, medium, and strong—our irrigation drippers customize watering to suit every type of plant you grow.


✔️ OPTIMAL PLANT GROWTH: Achieve full coverage and even watering with our adjustable irrigation drippers. Each drip irrigation pipe head covers a 10 to 12-inch circle, ensuring every plant receives the right amount of water for optimal growth and health.

✔️ SUITABLE FOR NORMAL HOSES: Designed to be compatible with standard garden hoses, facilitating easy setup and use for any home gardener.

✔️ ADJUSTABLE WATERING MODES: Tailor your watering precisely with options ranging from a gentle drip to a stronger flow. Whether nurturing delicate seedlings or hydrating robust plants, choose from dripping, weak, medium, or strong settings to meet your gardening needs.

✔️ WATER-SAVING TECHNOLOGY: Embrace the most water-saving and scientific irrigation method with our drip irrigation pipe heads. Save water, promote environmental protection, and enjoy a guilt-free watering experience knowing you're conserving this precious resource.

✔️ VERSATILE AND CONVENIENT: Suitable for potted plants, vegetables, and almost any planting scenario, our irrigation drippers are versatile and easy to use. Keep your plants consistently and evenly watered, even during long periods or fluctuations in water pressure.

✔️ DURABLE AND RELIABLE: Made from high-quality ABS material, our irrigation drippers are lightweight yet durable, ensuring long-lasting performance and efficient watering for all your plants.

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How to Make Holes in Garden Hoses for Irrigation Drippers:

Gather Your Materials:

- Garden hose

- Drill with a small drill bit (around 1/8 inch)

- Aquaflow Adjustable Irrigation Drippers

- Hose connectors (if needed)

Prepare the Hose:

Lay the garden hose flat on the ground and mark the spots where you want to place the irrigation drippers. Ensure the spacing is appropriate for your plants' needs, typically every 10-12 inches.

Drill the Holes:

Using the drill with the small drill bit, carefully drill holes at the marked spots. Make sure the holes are clean and smooth to avoid any blockage or damage to the drippers.

Attach the Drippers:

Insert the Aquaflow Adjustable Irrigation Drippers into the holes. They should fit snugly. If the drippers are not secure, you can use hose connectors to ensure a tight fit.

Test the System:

Turn on the water supply to the hose and check for any leaks around the holes. Adjust the drippers to your desired watering mode (dripping, weak, medium, or strong) and ensure each plant receives the appropriate amount of water.

Adjust as Needed:

If any drippers are not functioning correctly, check the holes and make sure they are properly aligned and secure. Adjust the water pressure as needed to ensure even watering.

Package Includes:
30 or 100 Pcs of Aquaflow Adjustable Irrigation Drippers Sprinklers

Weight: 1.5g
Material: ABS
Color: Red


    Our irrigation heads provide even watering and optimal growth conditions for your plants. They are designed to ensure every plant receives the right amount of water, promoting healthy growth while saving water and protecting the environment.

    The product features four adjustable watering modes: dripping, weak, medium, and strong. These settings allow you to customize the water flow based on the needs of different plants, from delicate seedlings to more robust vegetation.

    Absolutely! Whether you are watering potted plants, vegetables, or managing a large greenhouse, these drippers are versatile enough to handle various gardening scenarios.

    Our drip irrigation heads use water-saving technology that targets water directly to the base of the plants, minimizing waste and ensuring efficient use of water. This method is not only good for your garden but also environmentally friendly.

    Yes, the irrigation heads are designed for easy installation so that you can set them up quickly and start watering your plants right away without any hassle.

    The drippers are made from high-quality ABS material, which is lightweight yet sturdy and durable. This ensures long-lasting performance and reliability in various weather conditions.

    Our drip irrigation heads are designed to work effectively even with fluctuations in water pressure, ensuring that your plants receive consistent watering.

    The package includes 30 pieces of our adjustable Aquaflow Irrigation Drippers Sprinklers, ready to be installed and used in your garden.


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