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Ultihydro Upgraded 360° Rotatable Faucet Sprayer Head

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Satisfaction Guaranteed

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14 Day Returns

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Free Shipping Worldwide

Ultihydro Upgraded 360° Rotatable Faucet Sprayer Head

Make Dishwashing a Delight, Not a Duty!

Say goodbye to tedious sink cleaning and dishwashing struggles with our revolutionary faucet sprayer head, designed for effortless cleaning and water-saving convenience!

Speed Through Your Kitchen Cleanup!

The Ultihydro Upgraded 360° Rotatable Faucet Sprayer Head is your ultimate kitchen companion, offering unparalleled functionality and efficiency.

With its 360-degree rotating nozzle and 3-mode spray function, this tap head transforms your sink experience, making chores a breeze and saving you time and money.


✔️ EASY INSTALLATION AND MAINTENANCE: Comes with a universal adapter, compatible with 99% of faucet types. It's incredibly easy to install and clean, ensuring convenience and flexibility in your daily kitchen routine.

✔️ BROAD COMPATIBILITY: Fits universal round faucets (M22 male & M24 female threads). Not for square or pull-out types, ensuring a perfect fit for almost any kitchen.

✔️ VERSATILE 3-MODE SPRAY FUNCTION: Experience the power of pulse mode, shower + pulse, and shower mode at your fingertips. Adjust the water pressure according to your needs and enjoy efficient cleaning with just the right amount of force.

✔️ WATER AND MONEY-SAVING DESIGN: Embrace environmental sustainability and reduce energy costs with our water-saving device. By optimizing water consumption by more than 50%, you contribute to a greener planet while saving on utility bills.

✔️ PREMIUM QUALITY CONSTRUCTION: Crafted from high-quality ABS and stainless steel, our faucet booster is built to last. Its durability and thickness ensure long-term use without compromising on performance or functionality.

✔️ ENHANCED FUNCTIONALITY FOR ALL KITCHEN TASKS: Not just for dishes—our faucet sprayer head is perfect for all your kitchen needs, from washing fruits and vegetables to filling pots and general sink cleaning. Its versatile design makes every kitchen chore easier and more enjoyable.

Limited stock available! Upgrade your kitchen with this and experience unmatched convenience, efficiency, and water-saving benefits. Don't miss out, order today!

Package Includes:

1 x Ultihydro Upgraded 360° Rotatable Faucet Sprayer Head 

Comes with a universal connector that fits 99% of all faucet types, ensuring compatibility and ease of installation.


Material: Stainless steel+ABS
Sizes Available: Short (8 cm), Long (16.5 cm)


Our faucet sprayer head transforms your sink into a more functional and efficient workspace.

With its 360-degree rotating nozzle and adjustable 3-mode spray function, it makes cleaning and dishwashing faster and more convenient, saving you time and effort.

The faucet features three spray modes: pulse, shower, and a combination of shower + pulse. These modes allow you to adjust the water pressure and flow according to your cleaning needs, whether you require a strong spray for tough messes or a gentle shower for rinsing delicate items.

Yes, our faucet sprayer head comes with a universal adapter that is compatible with 99% of faucets. This versatility ensures it can be installed in almost any kitchen setup without issues.

Installation is straightforward and does not require professional help. It also features an easy-to-clean design, ensuring you can maintain it without any hassle, keeping it functioning optimally for longer.

Our faucet sprayer head is crafted from high-quality ABS and stainless steel, ensuring durability and a long life. These materials resist corrosion and wear, making them ideal for daily kitchen use.

By optimizing water flow, our faucet sprayer reduces water usage by more than 50%. This not only helps save on your utility bills but also promotes environmental sustainability by reducing excess water consumption.

Absolutely! Its versatility makes it perfect for all kinds of kitchen tasks, including washing fruits and vegetables, filling pots, and general sink cleaning.


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