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LAST DAY 50% OFF! Cattivity Interactive Hunting Toy for Cats

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Satisfaction Guaranteed

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14 Day Returns

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Free Shipping Worldwide

LAST DAY 50% OFF! Cattivity Interactive Hunting Toy for Cats
Hurry! Today is the last day to get this product at 50% off!

Unleash Your Cat's Inner Hunter - Watch Them Burst with Joy & Energy!

Does your cat deserve to be the happiest hunter on the block?

The Cattivity Interactive Hunting Toy unlocks their natural instincts, triggering hours of exhilarating pouncing, chasing, and playful stalking!

Watch your precious kitty erupt with joy and rediscover their playful spirit.

Unleash Endless Fun & Mental Stimulation for Your Feline Friend

Imagine your cat's eyes lighting up with excitement as they chase the elusive Cattivity ball.

It's more than just fun; Cattivity provides essential mental and physical stimulation, keeping your furry friend healthy and happy. Plus, two exciting play modes (Normal and Passive Smart) ensure continuous engagement that never gets old!


✔ INSTINCTIVE PLAY: Unleash your cat's inner hunter with pouncing, scratching, and chasing, providing hours of entertainment and exercise. Their boredom blues will vanish!


Normal Mode: Fun and erratic movements engage your cat's natural hunting instincts, triggering energetic swatting, pouncing, and chasing behaviors.

Passive Smart Mode: A gentle nudge from your cat's paw or nose activates the ball, perfect for sparking curiosity and encouraging play in shy or easily startled felines.

✔ SMART OBSTACLE AVOIDANCE: No more frustration! The Cattivity ball expertly navigates obstacles, ensuring uninterrupted playtime for your feline explorer.

✔ PEACEFUL PLAY FOR YOU: Whisper-quiet operation with over 90% sound-damping material creates a harmonious playtime environment for both you and your kitty.

✔ USB-C RECHARGEABLE: Enjoy long-lasting fun with the convenient USB-C rechargeable design. Simply connect the included cable to any USB port to power up the Cattivity toy, providing endless entertainment for your cat.

Hurry! Today is the last day to get this product at 50% off!


Package Includes:

1 x Protective Pouch

1 x Smart Interactive Cat Ball


Material: ABS, Silicone, Cloth

Color: Pink, Green

Diameter: 70cm/27.55inch

Ball size: diameter 43mm

USB Rechargeable


Designed with your cat's predatory instincts in mind, this toy offers two dynamic modes that stimulate both the body and mind. It's perfect for keeping your cat engaged, encouraging them to leap, pounce, and chase, which taps directly into their natural hunting behaviors.

This toy is a game-changer for your cat's daily routine, offering two innovative play modes tailored to suit various feline personalities and activity levels:

  • Normal Mode: Mimics the unpredictable movements of prey, providing a stimulating challenge that keeps your cat physically active and mentally sharp.

  • Passive Smart Mode: Activates with a soft touch, ideal for more reserved or less active cats, helping to spark their curiosity and encourage movement.

Absolutely! It’s specifically designed to combat lethargy and boredom by encouraging active play, crucial for maintaining optimal health and preventing weight gain in indoor cats.

This toy features a convenient USB-C rechargeable battery, which can be easily powered up using any standard USB port. This feature allows for hassle-free charging and prolonged playtime.

It is crafted from robust ABS plastic, supple silicone, and soft cloth, creating a durable yet safe plaything that withstands vigorous play while being gentle on your cat's paws and teeth.


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