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Irriflow Smart Drip Irrigation Kit

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Satisfaction Guaranteed

Satisfaction Guaranteed

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14 Day Returns

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Free Shipping Worldwide

Irriflow Smart Drip Irrigation Kit

Transform Your Garden into a Green Paradise with Minimal Effort!

Tired of wasting time and water on your garden? The Irriflow Smart Drip Irrigation Kit saves up to 70% water while ensuring your plants thrive effortlessly.

No more manual watering or stressing about your plants during trips. This automatic irrigation system keeps your garden lush and healthy with precise, root-focused watering. Enjoy a beautiful garden without the hassle!

Simplify Your Watering Routine!

With individually adjustable nozzles offering columnar and foggy spraying modes, each plant receives the exact care it needs.

The Irriflow system not only waters your plants automatically but also reduces evaporation, ensuring every drop counts.


✔️ EFFORTLESS COOLING AND HUMIDIFICATION: Water your plants daily and reduce patio temperatures by up to 20°F, bringing you a cooler, healthier environment.

✔️ PERSONALIZED WATERING: Each nozzle can be adjusted individually, allowing you to set customized watering for every plant according to its precise needs.

✔️ TIME AND WATER SAVINGS: Automate your watering routine and save up to 70% in water usage, efficiently watering all your plants simultaneously.

✔️ VERSATILE APPLICATION: Perfect for flowers, plants, bonsai, potted fruits, patios, greenhouses, lawns, and more, making it ideal for both personal and commercial use.

✔️ EASY INSTALLATION: Simple, tool-free setup with no need for digging or plumbing skills. Begin watering your plants instantly with our straightforward instructions.

How To Use

1. Cut the water pipe according to the length you need.
2. Attach tee with the atomizing nozzle.
3. Attach an end closure when you finish all atomizing nozzles’ installation.
4. Attach the pipe to tubing quick connector with the tee.
5. Attach the tubing quick connector with the universal connector.
6. Attach the system to Faucet and place the installed spray near your plants.

Don't miss out on the Irriflow Smart Drip Kit. Limited stock available – secure yours today and enjoy a lush, healthy garden effortlessly!

Package Includes:

Variant: 30m/100ft

Variant: 40m/100ft


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