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50% OFF | Tangramatic Wooden Math Board Game

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Satisfaction Guaranteed

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14 Day Returns

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Free Shipping Worldwide

50% OFF | Tangramatic Wooden Math Board Game

Make Learning Math Fun and Engaging for Your Child in Minutes!

Unlock your child's potential and make learning math an adventure with our Tangramatic Wooden Math Board Game.

Designed to make multiplication intuitive and fun, this educational toy transforms abstract numbers into a delightful game that your child will love.

Help Your Child Excel in Math While Having Fun!

With its intuitive design and engaging gameplay, children can grasp multiplication concepts more easily and develop a love for learning.

Say goodbye to math struggles and hello to endless fun and learning! Our board game features a numbered multiplication table that makes it easy for children to visualize and understand math concepts.


✔️ ENGAGING AND EDUCATIONAL - Helps children learn multiplication through fun and interactive play, enhancing their understanding of numbers.

✔️ INTUITIVE DESIGN - Enables children to visualize math concepts clearly, making learning easier and more enjoyable.

✔️ SAFE AND DURABLE - Made from natural wood with smooth surfaces, ensuring safety and durability for long-lasting fun.

✔️ MULTIPLAYER FUN - Designed for 2-4 players, encouraging social interaction and cooperative learning among children.

✔️ BOOSTS CONFIDENCE - By turning learning into a game, children gain confidence in their math skills and develop a positive attitude towards education.

How to play 1: Throw 2 dice, multiply the two numbers on the surface, whoever finds the answer first and uses the chess piece to stand is the winner.
How to play 2: Draw out the multiplication card, and quickly find the answer on the multiplication board. Use the chess pieces to stand the answer. The victorious party wins a card. There are a total of 100 cards, and the one who wins the most wins. (2-4 players play)

Our Tangramatic Wooden Math Board Game is in high demand and stock is limited. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to make math fun. Order now!

Package Includes:
1 x Multiplication Board
4 x Pieces
100 x Multiplication Card
2 x 1-10 dice


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