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Derasle™ Door Seal Strip - 3 Meter Length Tape

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Derasle™ Door Seal Strip - 3 Meter Length Tape

Say Goodbye to Bugs, Dust, and Noise Forever!


✔️ No Bugs & Dust

✔️ Weatherproofing Solution

✔️ Tape Length: 3m


Experience the ultimate peace of mind and cleanliness!

Our Door Seal Strip is your home's guardian, soundproofing against the chaos of the outside world and creating a serene, bug-free haven

Your key to a quiet, bug-free, and dust-free living space

This flexible and efficient weatherproofing solution not only enhances your home's comfort but also elevates your overall well-being.


✔️ No Bugs & Dust, Weatherproof & Soundproof Bliss: Bid farewell to unwelcome intruders and dust particles with our versatile Weather Stripping. It forms a protective barrier against bugs, dust, and noise, creating a serene, relaxing, and quiet environment within your home. Choose from a range of five stylish colors to match your decor.

✔️ Flexible & Safe Material: Crafted from waterproof flexible silicone, our Seal Strip is environmentally friendly, with no irritating smells. The thin and soft material ensures that it won't interfere with the normal use of doors and windows, providing a comfortable and healthy living environment for your family.  

✔️ Strong Viscosity & Durable Design: Equipped with a strong adhesive backing, our Seal Strip won't let you down. It sticks firmly, is anti-slip, and remains effective even in extreme weather conditions. Rest easy knowing that it will work tirelessly to maintain a bug-free and serene home environment.

✔️ Wide Application: Derasle™ Door Seal Strip is designed to fit a variety of spaces, including frameless sliding doors, glass doors, plastic-steel windows, aluminum windows, closets, thresholds, cupboards, wardrobes, and even shower bottoms. Enjoy reduced noise, a warmer room, and a dust-free interior.

Limited stock available. Order yours before stocks run out!

Package Includes:

1 x Derasle™ Door Seal Strip



The door seal strip is designed to form a protective barrier around your doors and windows. Its material and design block out bugs, dust, and reduce noise from the outside.

By sealing gaps, it prevents these elements from entering your home, enhancing your living space's comfort and cleanliness.

The seal strip is made from waterproof flexible silicone, which is environmentally friendly and free from any irritating smells.

Its thin and soft design ensures that it won’t interfere with the normal operation of doors and windows, while also being safe and comfortable for home environments.

Yes, the door seal strip comes with a strong adhesive backing that ensures it sticks firmly and remains in place. It's designed to be anti-slip and durable, maintaining its effectiveness even in extreme weather conditions.

This ensures a long-lasting solution for keeping your home bug-free and serene.

Absolutely, the door seal strip is versatile and can be used on various types of doors and windows. It's suitable for frameless sliding doors, glass doors, plastic-steel and aluminum windows, as well as for closets, thresholds, cupboards, wardrobes, and even shower bottoms.

This makes it a widely applicable solution for noise reduction, warmth retention, and keeping interiors dust-free.

The door seal strip is available in five stylish colors: Translucence, Brown, White, Black, and Grey, allowing you to choose one that best matches your decor.

Each strip is 3 meters in length and 45mm in width, providing ample coverage for standard doors and windows.

The package includes one roll of the Door Seal Strip.

Each roll is 3 meters in length and 45mm in width, suitable for standard doors and windows.

For installation, simply clean the surface where the strip will be applied, measure and cut the strip to fit, and then peel off the backing to reveal the adhesive. Stick the adhesive side directly onto the door or window frame.

No special tools are needed, making it a convenient and easy DIY installation.


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