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Drapeclip Magnetic Curtain Buttons - Set Of 16PCS

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Drapeclip Magnetic Curtain Buttons - Set Of 16PCS

Transform Your Sleep Experience with a Simple Snap!

Bid farewell to sleep-disrupting light leaks with our powerful curtain magnet buttons. Designed to keep your curtains perfectly aligned, these buttons are your secret to a serene, uninterrupted sleep environment.

Embrace peaceful nights and energized mornings!

No more fussing over curtains that won't stay put

Introducing an innovative solution to enhance your sleep quality – Curtain Magnet Buttons!

Say goodbye to unwanted light and disruptions with our easy-to-use curtain accessories.

Crafted for simplicity and effectiveness, these buttons are a must-have for anyone looking to improve their sleep sanctuary.


✔️ STRONG MAGNET: Each button is crafted from durable alloy with a unique needle buckle design, ensuring a firm grip on your curtains, so they stay in place without sliding or dropping.

✔️ FIX YOUR CURTAIN: Two magnets stick together to hold your curtain in position, preventing it from blowing around and blocking out pesky sunlight leaks. The result? A better sleep environment for you.

✔️ EASY TO USE: No tools required! Simply unplug the bottom button, insert the needle through the curtain, and replug – it's that easy. To remove, just pull the top of the button. Hassle-free handling at its best.

✔️ VERSATILE APPLICATION: Not just for curtains! Use these versatile magnet buttons on drapery, tablecloths, shower liners, and even as fridge magnets. Lightweight and portable, they're perfect for home, hotel, or outdoor use.

✔️ ELEGANT DESIGN: The sleek silver color and zinc alloy material add a touch of elegance to any decor. A practical solution that also enhances the aesthetic of your space.


PREPARE CURTAINS AND BUTTONS: Start by laying out your curtains and the magnet button components. Ensure you have the buttons within easy reach before you begin.

BOTTOM STITCH THROUGH CURTAIN: Take the bottom part of the magnet button, which has a pointed needle, and carefully push it through the curtain fabric where you want to secure it. Make sure it penetrates completely so the magnet can adhere properly.

JUST CLOSE THE BOTTOM CAP: After the bottom needle is through the curtain, align the top part of the magnet button (the cap) over the needle.

THE RESULT AFTER INSTALLATION ON BOTH SIDES: Once the cap is placed over the needle, the magnet will secure both parts together. Check that the button is firmly in place. Repeat the process on the other side of the curtain to ensure a symmetrical look and effective hold.

Limited availability. Order today!

Package Includes:
16 x Pieces of Drapeclip Magnetic Curtain Buttons

Material: Alloy+Magnet
Color: Silver


The Curtain Magnet Buttons are designed to eliminate light leaks by keeping your curtains perfectly aligned, creating a dark and serene sleep environment that can help improve sleep quality.

Yes, the installation is simple and tool-free. Just position the bottom button with the needle through the curtain fabric and attach the top cap. The magnets will snap together, securing the curtain in place.

Our Curtain Magnet Buttons are versatile and can be used on most types of curtains, drapery, and even on tablecloths or shower liners. They are a universal accessory for various fabric types.

The design is needle-based, minimizing damage to the fabric. The magnets are strong enough to hold curtains in place but are also easy to remove without leaving marks or holes.

The magnets are very strong and crafted from durable alloy, ensuring they can hold curtains in place effectively, including heavier drapes.

Yes, they are lightweight and portable, making them perfect for use at home, in hotels, or even outdoors.

Absolutely! Apart from curtains, they can be used to secure tablecloths, shower liners, or even as decorative fridge magnets. Their elegant design and versatile application make them a great addition to any home.

The buttons are made of alloy with a magnetic component. They come in sizes of 17mm, 20mm, and 25mm in diameter, all in a silver color.

The package includes 16 pieces of Drapeclip Magnetic Curtain Clips, providing ample supply for multiple curtains or uses around the house.


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