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LAST DAY 50% OFF! SpaNailz™ 3 in 1 Nail Repair Set | incl. Brush & UV Lamp

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LAST DAY 50% OFF! SpaNailz™ 3 in 1 Nail Repair Set | incl. Brush & UV Lamp

Effortlessly Repair and Strengthen Your Nails within Minutes!


Big Value Pack: Fiberglass Gel, Nail Brush & UV Lamp

Chip-Resistant Gel

Supports Healthy Nail Growth

Nail Polish Friendly

No Expertise Needed


Don't you also dream of flawless, healthy nails that make a statement?

Our Set including Protection Gel, Nail Art Brush, and UV Lamp has got you covered!

Say goodbye to weak and damaged nails and experience a nail transformation like never before!

Introducing SpaNailz™ Nail Repair Gel, the ultimate tool for nail repair and enhancement. Its advanced formula and innovative technology make it a must-have for nail enthusiasts, salon professionals, and anyone seeking strong, beautiful nails.


STRONG AND RESILIENT NAILS: SpaNailz™ provides a durable coating that reinforces and strengthens your natural nails. Say goodbye to weak, brittle nails and hello to nails that can withstand everyday activities.

EASY APPLICATION AND LONG-LASTING RESULTS: With SpaNailz™, achieving salon-quality nails is easier than ever. The gel applies smoothly and evenly, allowing for effortless application. Once cured, it creates a long-lasting and chip-resistant layer that stays intact for weeks.

VERSATILE AND NATURAL LOOK: SpaNailz™ offers a natural, transparent finish that enhances the appearance of your nails without the need for polish. The gel seamlessly blends with your natural nail color, providing a clean and polished look.

NAIL REPAIR AND PROTECTION: SpaNailz™ not only beautifies your nails but also works to repair and protect them. It helps to seal and reinforce weak or damaged nails, promoting healthy nail growth.

LAST DAY 50% OFF! Order yours today! 

Package Includes:

1 x SpaNailz™ Nail Repair Gel (5ml)
1 x Brush
1 x Finger UV Lamp (White)



The nail repair gel is formulated with advanced technology to provide a durable coating that reinforces and strengthens natural nails. It helps repair weak, brittle, or damaged nails by creating a protective layer that promotes healthy nail growth and resilience against daily activities.

Yes, the nail repair gel is designed for easy application. It applies smoothly and evenly with the included brush, allowing for effortless salon-quality application at home. It's user-friendly and does not require professional nail expertise.

Once applied and cured under the UV lamp, the gel creates a long-lasting, chip-resistant layer that stays intact for weeks. This durable finish ensures that your nails remain strong and beautifully manicured for an extended period.

Yes, the nail repair gel is nail polish friendly. It offers a natural, transparent finish that can be left as is for a clean look or used as a base for nail polish.

The gel enhances the appearance of your nails and provides a strong foundation for any nail polish application.

With our Nail Repair Gel, you can apply a new layer over the existing gel as your nails grow out.

There is no need to completely remove the gel each time you want to reapply it. Simply ensure that your nails are clean and dry before applying a new layer of gel.

This allows for continuous protection and reinforcement of your nails, making it a convenient and efficient way to maintain strong, beautiful nails. However, for best results and to avoid buildup, it's recommended to periodically remove the gel completely and start fresh.

The package includes 1 x Nail Repair Gel (5ml), 1 x Brush for application, and 1 x Finger UV Lamp (White) for curing the gel.

To use the UV lamp, apply the gel with the brush, place your nails under the lamp, and turn it on.

The UV light will cure the gel, setting it firmly onto your nails.


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